New Look of Madcat World Office

Hello everyone..Happy Working..;)

Just want to share will all of you out there…last 2 weeks, we were busy transformed our office to look more adorable and attractive. We choose to paint our office with 3 different color, which are green, blue and light olive green. All of our team members were  contribute  in this painting works.

Here are some of the picture before our office being transform, during the painting works and after finished up all the painting stuff…enjoy..;)

Before the  transformation..

in the meeting room

office space

pantry and living room


During the painting works..

deen, sarif and reezal

deen alone..kesian..;(

reezal n deen curi tulang.. sarif alone plak yg painting..;)

kak sue n reezal were struggling to paint at the bottom part.



After finish painting..;)

at our living room..;)

re-arrange the furniture..;)

our new look pantry..;)

office space baru..;)

baru nk kemas2..;)


Health & Fitness Android Apps

Assalamualaikum…hi readers,

It is not too late to wish you all a Happy New Year..;)

I am happy to announce that we have release two apps which are an effective apps for fat loss and maintenance. Both of the apps are an unique system for fat loss and maintenance that draw from the latest science on diet,  physical activity and  behavior  modification and pair it with engaging tools that will help you define your goal and meet them. It will keeps you consistently focused on the  everyday  factors that really matters for fat loss, and guide you to  make a  sustainable diet and lifestyle changes..


1. GoHealthy –> Aim your target weight, Eat better and Be healthy with GoHealthy. It is simple, easy, and effective application to track your calories taken and lost daily.

icon GoHealthy

splash screen of the app

Main Menu of the app

well…to know more about the app.. feel free to download the app through PlayStore –>


2. Health Tracker –>Health Tracker will help you to maintain a healthy life by records the data of your daily water drinking, exercise and eat fruits and vegetables progress.

Health Tracker icon

Main Menu of the app

Main Page of the app

Find out more about the app, feel free to download it on PlayStore –>

Hope you guys enjoy it..;)