CWorks Mobile wins Bronze in ITEX for product e-Claim


Multi-award winning product, e-Claim has won the Bronze medal at the 21st International Invention Innovation & Technology Exhibition from the 14th-16th May at KLCC Covention Center.

Congratulations again to the E-Claim team – Sarif, Firdaus, Reezal and our old friend, Saiful


eClaim – Gold in the 9th Malaysian Technology Invention & Innovation Awards


Congratulations to CWorks Mobile. We have won Gold in the 9th Malaysian Technology Invention & Innovation Awards on Feb 6th, 2010 for E-Claim, a web-based claims processing and management system.

Great job by Sarif & support team (Reezal, Firdaus & our old friend, Saiful) for their work in building the product to where it is now.


Good Bye Saiful!!


We wish all the best to Saiful, and thank you for his contribution to the company, but most of all we will remember him for all the work he passed on to us.

Thanks a lot dude .


The proposed workload distributed as follows :

  1. Farah – takes over existing account management, OneSuara SMS premium reporting & frontline OneSuara customer support.
  2. Aizah – takes over all new leads & frontline OneSuara customer support
  3. Reezal – takes over keyword registration, testing & commissioning
  4. Firdaus – takes over name imports, OneSuara 2nd level support
  5. Sarif – ECashbook support